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Five Signs Why You Should Invest in a Wine Management System


If you have wine sitting in boxes, and keep thinking, “I’ll get to it this weekend,” you might want to figure out a way to organize your wines sooner rather than later, before the unopened boxes keep piling up. Keep in mind though that cellar organization is not just about putting your wine away but also having a system in place so that you can easily manager your collection. This can seem overwhelming but using professionally devised wine software makes it so much simpler. Here are five reasons why you should invest in a wine management system.

  • [1] Tracking Your Inventory. If you have over 1000 bottles or are heading in that direction, it is nearly impossible to keep track of all the wine that goes in and out, the value of your cellar and tasting notes without a software system. Even if you have a photographic memory, this is a lot of information to retain.
  • [2] Locating Your Wine. Knowing where your wine lives in your cellar is helpful not only when you are looking for a special bottle, but also if you ask someone to grab it for you. You might have a general idea where your ’95 Gaja Barbareseco ‘Sori Tildin’ is kept but that can be like finding a needle in a haystack, especially for someone who does not know about wine.
  • [3] Valuation. Wondering what your cellar is worth, or just the current value of specific bottles? Wine software that automatically links to websites such as Wine-Searcher constantly updates the current value of your wines so you don’t have to spend time doing the research yourself.
  • [4] Drinking Your Wine in its Prime. Some of us like drinking wine when it is fully mature, others prefer it to be a little bit younger but no one likes wine that is past its prime. With a wine software program that automatically pulls data from Parker, Tanzer and the Wine Spectator, all you need to do is take a look at your computer to find the window of drinkability.
  • [5] Buying Futures. If you buy wine futures you definitely should consider investing in a wine management system so you can know whether or not your wine has ever been delivered. The two years in between when you purchase en primeur and the wine arrives is filled with a lot of life (and bottles) so it is entirely possible you may not remember when your 2012 Lynch Bages is supposed to come. Reputed wine stores rarely make mistakes but as people run them, they can be human and overlook a shipment or send the wrong case.

Like art or jewelery, a wine collection can be a valuable asset and should be treated as such. That means protecting it, knowing what you have, its value and perhaps most importantly, how to maximize your enjoyment. The most efficient and effective way to do this is to have a reliable system in place, one that has already been devised by professionals who have done extensive research and created wine cellar management software that caters to all of the needs of a wine collector.

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